1. Whatever You Think You Know About Women is Probably Wrong

Chances are, your thinking is based on what the society has made you believe.

What women do, think, and should do is wrongly interpreted all over the media. Norms have been created, either by the law or culture, that supports women more than men.

It’s time for you to forget what the society says. Learn everything from scratch and find the truth from the bottom-up.

Some facts you may already know, some are new and some are hard to believe. Yet, they are valid for most of the women. But you know, exceptions are always there!

2. It’s a Battle, a Game

Treat your relationships like a game. It’s important to be good at it. If you suck, you lose.

Your actions dictate your future and you are the captain of your ship. Most importantly, you’re a man and women expect you to act like one.

Whatever happens between you two is usually because of you. Hence, it is your responsibility to direct it the right direction.

If she wants, can’t resist, fantasize about you, etc., you are playing well.

If she’s angry, not attracted anymore, doesn’t want to spend time with you, etc., you’re not playing well.

3. There is No “The One”

This is the biggest lie. Take movies, magazines, TV shows, or any other romance novel, it’s everywhere.

The crazy part — people believe it.

No such thing as the one or soul mate or she is the perfect one I’d ever need in my life actually exists. She isn’t waiting for you at an unrealistically awesome and fun place when you’re on a vacation with your buddies.

Although, it is possible to have many the ones in your life.

You may find a woman (or many women) who is compatible, understanding, trustable and at the end of the day, it works.

That’s all there is.

Ignore those stupid theories. They’re all myths.

4. All Women Are Crazy

They make no sense, at times, even to themselves.

See, a woman’s mind is a massive ocean of emotions where everything is at random. What she thinks will not make sense to you.

So, avoid using your logic.

I’d better avoid thinking about what she is thinking because doing so eats my brain and I end up having nothing in hand. It’s impossible to assume.

Women are so crazy that they don’t even know what they’re supposed to do. Sometimes, women hate being women.

Understand that women are emotional. They prioritize feelings over logic to think and make decisions.

5. Women Don’t Love the Way You Think

Do you truly love her (or ever loved a woman with all of you)? If yes, did you receive the same amount of love back? Probably, not.

See, women love their children more than anybody. They give everything to their children. Your mother loves you because of you, not your power or looks or bank balance.

But, it is impossible for them to love a man that much. So, don’t expect that mother love from other women.

When she says she loves you, she means she follows you and admires you. She really likes being around you.

How much? It depends on how good of a man you are.

If she doesn’t want to be with you, that’s means you are not good enough.

6. Women are Loyal to Your Power, Not You

Women want to be with a powerful man, not a weak chump.

Her loyalty and trust increase with your power.

Many believe money is makeup on a man. It increases your chances to date better (or more) women. It does not make you powerful, but it is the source.

For you, your health and wealth must be more important than women. Doing so will mean you value yourself more than anything. Chase money, not women.

You must become powerful to be admired.

7. If You Need Her, She Does Not Want You

See, there are two types of men – the needy man, and the powerful man.

The needy man is overly desperate, extra available, and makes her his mission. He treats her like a goddess. He needs her approval and will abandon anything important for her.

Being overly desperate does not excite women.

Women like to chase. They want men who are not easily available, who are not easy to get committed to. This chase excites them.

If you are desperately available, there is no chase. No chase, no fun.

Be an irresistible and mysterious man, someone with integrity, or else she will use your desperate behavior for her own benefit.

8. She Wants the Final Product, Not a Work in Progress

Women are picky. And high-quality women are even picker.

They want to be on the safe side when it comes to long-term relationships. Dating a successful man is better than a broke guy.

Also, nobody wants to hear about your struggles and failures. That’s boring. She wants to hear about your successes.

If you’re not in the top 10% of men, you don’t exist. However, men of power are found in that top 10%.

Dating a struggling man is too risky, for two reasons:

  1. He can’t serve her and her kids’ needs,
  2. Watching him become successful will make her insecure about losing the power that she had when he was struggling.

9. Women Memorize Better

Both genders are programmed differently. We differ both mentally and physically.

Women are better at remembering things. Because their brains are more functionally interconnected than ours.

Therefore, females perform better in the school exams (school exams test your memory, not knowledge). Males are better in aptitude and logical reasoning.

Men have a harder time remembering dates, objects like keys, wallet, etc., and past memories. Women are good at it.

Never think that she’ll forget what you said/did that changed her mood, or maybe offended her. She might forgive you for your mistakes but she never forgets.

10. Female Logic

Women are emotional. So, their logic has a lot to do with emotions. Their mind prioritizes feelings over logic.

But, feelings mutate fast, which makes them highly volatile.

Women live in the moment. They jump from one emotional state to the other and may say things without considering the outcomes.

You’ll notice their spontaneous behavior in the arguments, where they usually have weak reasoning.

While being criticized, they make every effort to ignore the logic and make it least effective. Instead, they’ll do their best in exaggerating foolish observations and even produce issues from the dead to win their argument.

Usually, it is impossible to beat them. (This frustrates men, and eventually, the vocal argument turns physical.)

Women hardly mature, yet only get pickier and experienced, as they age. There is not much of a difference between girls and women, unlike boys and men.

Men, on the other side, prioritize their logical mind, not emotions. It is better to not be affected by the emotional drama that women tend to thrive on.

11. Repeated Favors Become Obligations

If you’re needy and desperate, chances are you will do almost anything for her. You’ll do things you haven’t done before and the things that you will never do for others — for the sake of impressing her and looking like a perfect man you think she wants.

But, here’s a twist.

A favor done enough times (more than three) become a habit, an obligation. It is no longer a favor rather an unspoken duty.

If you’ve paid for the restaurant bills a few times, in the beginning, she expects you to pay for the next time. If you don’t, she’ll think you’re not capable enough and will victimize you. Good luck with some emotional drama.

Learn to say no. Your time and money are more important.

12. Agreements with Women Don’t Mean Anything

Women are emotional. What they say now, doesn’t mean a damn later.

Ignore what she says she’ll do, watch what she does.

Also in relationships, whatever you agree in the beginning doesn’t mean shit later. Her emotions change from time to time, so do her requirements.

She didn’t sign a legal contract that she has to stick with.

13. If You Can’t Help Her Now, She Does Not Care If You Helped Before

Doesn’t matter how much of an assistance you were in the past if you can’t be of any assistance now. Help her or else give her a reason for unnecessary drama.

Did you pay her rent? Did you pay her college fees? Did she move in your house? Don’t tell me you both have a joint bank account!

Now, her demands are on another level and you don’t want to pay? And that’s annoying her? Ultimately leads to a breakup.

As a man, you become responsible once you do things for her. Better avoid that.

Women are great caretakers. Ask her to do favors for you on a regular basis. Be selfish.

To prove herself a good caretaker, she will do her best. And eventually, she will think more about you.

14. Women Love to Argue & Do Whatever It Takes to Win

Two things:

They love drama. An argument serves the purpose. It’s their default.

Second, they will change sides, disprove the fact, and thrive on drama. This also makes them better liars as they’ll even lie in the court if necessary.

Drama allows them to push up an agenda, to weaponize their emotions.

Reacting to such drama degrades your value and puts more weight on their opinions. It is your problem that you want to win by arguing a woman. Men have a need to make sense, women don’t care about that.

Fighting with emotions is more like pushing a brick wall.

15. Actions Barely Resembles Their Words

Let me repeat, ignore what she says, watch her actions.

Women are spontaneous. What they say doesn’t really mean they’ll actually do.

If she says she’ll go to the gym, you better ignore that. She isn’t going to the gym unless there is an absolute need. Do you think getting fit and in shape are strong enough reasons for her to actually take the pain?

If there isn’t something that affects her on a personal level, she is not interested.

Women don’t rationalize before they speak. Sometimes, they blurt out words which they don’t have an idea themselves.

They are great at lying others. So much, that they lie about their looks (height, makeup, breast size, etc.) with an incredible frequency.

Their spontaneity often makes them less credible. Not keeping your words makes you look bad, which is bad for your status.

But, at the same time, they’re still able to maintain their status. How?

Women spin things. They will get you on defense, use your words, constantly question you and ignore the criticism directed at them as something not worthy of validation.

This makes them better manipulators than men.

Your logical statements make no sense to them. In turn, they’ll add a subtle spin, use your words against you and make you look dumb.

16. Women Pretend they Don’t Want Sex

Both genders are similar when it comes to sex. There is no such thing as “she does not think about sex”. Women want sex as much as men do.

In fact, they’d happily become a whore if they had a chance. They don’t because they know that doing so will decrease their value, which is not seen as a good thing.

Instead, they’ll choose to be a whore and not admit it (and deceive).

While in a relationship, they’ll say they don’t want it, but things change once they get in the bedroom.

They think that men need to chase them for sex. They value themselves higher than men and considers sex a favor. If you want sex then beg for it.

They put emotions first, physical characteristics second.

Women know that asking for sex will make them look cheap. So, they pretend they are not really into you, but in reality, they had started thinking about you the moment you first shook hands.

Also, she wants to prove that she had fewer partners than she actually had. She’ll portray herself as a virgin so you assume she only had sex a few times.

17. Some Women Have Nothing More to Offer Than Their Bodies

Women are usually beautiful. Why? So they can attract men?

Yes, women crave for attention. They may dress provocatively, put on makeup, and enhance their body shape, but primarily to put other women down.

When in public, notice any woman and see who she checks out the most. You’ll notice that she is more interested in women than men.

The need to look better than other women leads them to focus on their looks more than anything.

It’s funny, they price themselves higher than men (when it comes to sex) when they actually have nothing special to offer.

Less attractive women often feel jealous of beautiful ones. So they work harder in other fields like knowledge and skills, to compensate and improve their social status.

Hence, chances of her being dumb are higher if she’s beautiful. Nonetheless, exceptions are always there.

18. Women Use Beauty & Sex to Manipulate Men

This must have happened to you:

When you saw a beautiful woman, you automatically gave her more importance. She seemed more dependable and trustable. You made her your priority and everybody else started to fade.

Beauty does not mean good character!

This is a big problem with men that women take advantage of. Beauty adds another layer to their process of manipulating us. Thus, they objectify themselves and use their sexuality to get what they want.

If her beauty makes you trust her, then you’re an idiot by definition.

woman manipulating man
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19. She Wants a Bad Guy as much as a Provider

Women usually prefer a provider to be on the safe side. By marrying a man who can provide the resources she and her kids need.

But, women find bad guys more sexually attractive. He is mysterious, sexier and more masculine.

The provider often fails to keep her woman sexually excited. She tries to change the provider, makes accusations, thrives on drama and finally wishes to abandon him.

The provider fails.

Women want a provider to pay their bills and a bad guy to fulfill sexual desires.

20. Women are Not Great Leading Others

That’s because women hate taking responsibilities and admit their faults.

But for the sake of proving they can do it, they’ll become leaders and do things that require leadership qualities, in which they’re actually terrible at.

Leadership requires logical, analytical and critical thinking. Women aren’t mentally programmed to that.

A woman in power, in most cases, is responsible for the loss/destruction of others and herself. People working under her are barely happy. These women at the top are exhausted, frazzled and irritated.

The decisions made are based on her feelings and often to prove — yes, women can take big decisions! They can show themselves as tough-minded and honest, where they scarcely possess the qualities required.

Women favor women. If she’s in power, she’ll hire her sisters-in-law and start firing men. She’ll promote women and will get your job in danger.

Women are great caretakers, which also means they have the ability to throw away the entire enterprise out of whack. They’re not good at closing big deals.

Women are appointed mostly because of their high scores and education (or memory). But, an educated woman does not mean an intellectual woman. Most of them have a vapid mindset.

For some reason, if a woman is doing well, probably because men are backing her up.

Women are excellent at many other things, but not at leadership roles.

21. Women are Followers

It is in their nature to follow power and trends.

If a powerful person or many people are saying something, they’ll follow, without proper evaluation.

Women are followers in relationships. It works for them. And, they rely on the decisions made by the man.

If a relationship is not going well, you are doing a bad job, not her. Because she is following your decisions. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to make her happy.

Many females don’t like to agree that they are followers. Instead, they’ll say that a relationship works equally, to prove their gender is superior.

When closing an important business deal, they’d prefer having a man, a good leader.

22. Dominant Women are Never Happy

Women who are better educated, have bigger jobs and have achieved positions in life that solely men do, in absence of a strong male partner, tend to become dominant and have a narcissistic behavior.

Here’s the deal:

Men are programmed to dominate and women to be submissive. It’s in the DNA. Disproving these natural patterns results in bad future.

Usually, a dominant woman is a result of her upbringing, bad parents, and relationship with her partner(s).

Strong men can’t stand a dominant woman. If she is more dominant, she will have more power over you. You will be a weak man in her eyes and will never be happy.

If you are tough, she will become soft, and vice versa.

23. A Quality Woman is Made, Not Born

Quality women are about 10% of the total, just like men of power.

You can call her a quality woman if she is talented, intelligent, least sexually active, has a good nature and does not hate men. Also described as emotionally stable.

See, all girls are born the same, but their relationship with parents decides their future. A good father-daughter relationship is important in shaping into what we call an emotionally stable woman.

A good father is a strong male figure, compassionate, sophisticated and at the same time have a special place for her. He raises and shapes her in his own way, into a quality woman.

She then wants to marry a strong man, like her father, who she can trust.

However, finding such a woman can make your life easier because you don’t have to start from the scratch, but to maintain what her father has made.

If you don’t keep up with her standards, she will not respect you and will always compare you with her father. The absence of a strong partner can actually turn her into a bad woman.

In some societies, many girls have had several sexual partners. This destroys her on an emotional level and this instability makes her less capable of keeping up a long-term relationship.

The reason being — absence or weak fathers.


Women and men are different.

Women are beautiful and equally important as men. A man who knows how to treat women goes far beyond.

Still, it is better to know the facts about women, men, and humans in general, that the media likes to ignore. Instead, they advertise the twisted and false information.

Honestly, it is impossible to fully understand women, but we can look at some common patterns to better understand the human nature.

If you’re unmarried/single, you might be thinking about finding a quality woman.

Worry not. If you are a quality man yourself, you will be attracted to the same.

Like attracts like.

This is the first part of the guide series: Master Relationships with Women. Read the next part about approaching and attracting women.

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