If you’ve ever thought:

“Should I keep facial hair or not?”, or “Which beard style will look best on me?”

Then today, you’re in for a treat because I will show you, out of all the facial hair styles, which style women find most attractive.

And once you know it, you’ll want to kick yourself for not having it sooner.

According to the study, which facial hair style?

Usually, we get mixed responses when we ask women, which facial hair style they like the most.

Some women like a fully bearded face because they find it more masculine, and some women just don’t like any hair at all.

Every woman is different.

In 2013, the researchers of the University of New South Wales in Australia did tests to find out which facial hair style looks best, and which style women find most attractive.

They showed 351 women, the still pictures of 10 men. The pictures were all different faces with different facial hair growth, from clean shaved to fully bearded.

The participants, i.e., women rated these photographs based on four specific categories:

  • Health
  • Masculinity
  • Parenting
  • Attractiveness

Along with women, 177 men were also asked to rate the pictures.

The facial hair styles of men in the photographs, shown to the participants, were categorized into four different facial hair lengths.

  • Clean-shaven
  • A five-day stubble
  • A ten-day stubble
  • Fully bearded

The results were quite surprising.

The most rated and most attractive pictures were the men with the 10-day old stubble, i.e., the heavy stubble.

Where the biggest loser is clean-shaven. Rest is in the middle.

Actually, the 5-day stubble and 10-day stubble looked almost similar but psychologically they appeared different to females and even some males.

Nonetheless, what if I tell you I have an eBook where I will show how to build an exceptional personality?

How long is the 10-day stubble?

Well, the simple answer is – it depends.

The thing is, we all men are different, and our hair structure and build vary, so does the growth rate.

Some can grow the 10-day stubble in five to six days, and some may take about fifteen days, or even more. That’s why the research failed to find how long is a heavy stubble is.

After a bit of my primary research, I found that the rate of growth of all the hair on the body, on an average, is approximately one-half inch per month.

This means a quarter inch per two weeks, and per week, that’s an eighth of an inch.

Now, splitting the difference between a week and two weeks, we’re going to have a 10-day stubble, which is going to be between an eighth and a quarter inch.

So, how do we figure that out?

Using a facial hair grooming tool. The tools usually have a scale, and the hair size to be cut can be controlled (in millimeters).

The best size for the 10-day old stubble would be between 4mm and 5mm.

The 5 Quick Steps to the 10-day Old Stubble

Now, we’ll go over the five steps to get a perfectly nurtured designer stubble.

1. Let your facial hair grow

If you’re doing it for the first time, then let it grow for about a week before you actually do any of this.

2. Get the grooming tool

Now that you have your facial hair grown, get your grooming tool.

Get this bestselling facial hair grooming tool (on Amazon).

This thing don’t cost much and there is nothing better out there. And seriously, this is a one-time investment and you get what you pay for.

Set your grooming tool to 4 mm or 5 mm. It actually depends on your facial hair – smoothness, thickness, etc. You have to figure out by testing.

I usually trim at 4mm.

3. Trim the facial hair

Now, go over your mustache and all over.

best facial hair trim shave 1

Then trim the outlines that you don’t want by removing the guard of the trimmer.

best facial hair trim shave 2

As of now, the process is already complete, but to give your facial hair a designer look, we’ll also do the next two steps.

4. Shave underneath the neck

best facial hair trim shave 3

Apply the shaving cream over the edges (bottom line, sides, etc.) and shave with a razor. Cut the extra hair left, which the tool couldn’t cut.

best facial hair trim shave 4

5. Shorten the sides

Shorten the sides by using a comb and slightly trim it.

best facial hair trim shave 5
Note: All pictures are taken from a this video.

There You Have It

Easy and classic.

A perfectly crafted 10-day old stubble and a facial hairstyle that women like.

Does it make you handsome? More attractive? Sexier even?

But, according to 351 women and 177 men, it sure does.

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