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132 Effortless Men’s Style Tips to Dress Better Than Your Friends

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Finally, the complete list is here. To become better and different from other men, you need to improve your dressing style. Because your clothing speaks who you are and what you’re worth.

man wearing gray suit style

Everybody knows a few men’s style tips.

The ones from uncles, a few your trendy friends told you and probably some things your parents told you.

But, do you know there are actually 132 factors that can improve your dressing style and fashion?

Well today you’re in for a treat because I’ve put together the largest list on the planet.

Some are too obvious.

Some are new.

The rest of them are uncommon.

The best part?

All of them are fun, fashionable and stylish.

What else is cool?

I made this list for regular guys, like you and me, who are looking for some style advice.

Let’s dive in!

Style Fundamentals

style fundamentals

1. Dress your age: Don’t dress like a teenager as an adult; don’t dress like a grandpa as an adult; dress like an adult. Dress in a way that separates you from a boy; like a respectable man. Have an idea of what is casual and professional wear.

2. Style & fashion, not the same: Style remains forever, fashion is more about trends, always shifting and changing. Fashion is what’s in the stores right now, but not a year after. Style is tailored to you, a personal expression of who you are and what makes your personality.

“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” – Yves Saint Laurent

3. Basics first, trends last: Learn to maintain a lean wardrobe. Have the essentials and building blocks of your wardrobe first, which includes your navy/charcoal gray suit, white dress shirt, dark jeans, chinos, plain tee shirts and basically the ones that go with everything and play nicely with each other. Then add the ones that have limited mixing ability, trendy and one-off items.

4. A wardrobe is built, not bought: It can’t be bought wholly from the market at once, even if you spend a lot of money. It doesn’t work like that. You start with the basics, a few pieces and add more clothes from time-to-time. Every item is strategically kept and replaced when a fresh new item is bought, which fits you better, looks better and something you like better.

5. Have more than “comfy” clothes: You don’t always have to be formally dressed, but it is best to limit the amount of hoodies, graphic tees, and running shoes to one or two pairs, to look great even around the house.

6. Stay updated with the trends: Don’t wear clothes that are too off-trendy. Notice what is being sold and what people are wearing.

7. Expensive does not always mean good looking: A great outfit has less to do with the price, and more to do with fitting, color, etc. If you are stylish, you don’t need to spend a lot. You can turn a low priced outfit into something spectacular. In fact, low priced ones can look a lot better than the expensive counterparts.

8. Don’t show off brand labels: Stylish people like brands because of fit and quality, but they don’t wear branded clothes just to impress other people. Your outfit should not tell what brand/designer it is. Avoid anything with logos that some companies are shamelessly trying to brand.

9. Discount sections often have good quality clothes: These sections generally include the leftovers and off-season clothes, but you can always find great clothes. Big stores usually have an “end of the season sale”, where you can find some crazy deals.

10. Buy pieces that are built to last: Know where to spend your money. Avoid items made of synthetic material and go for good quality ones because quality clothes when well worn signals your worth and respect. Leather, wool, denim generally looks better and lasts longer than others.

11. Shop with someone: There is always someone who dresses better than you. Take him to shop and he will help you get great clothes. Combined suggestions always work better than shopping alone.

man in suit with tailor

12. Avoid listening to a woman: If you are looking for men’s style advice, it is better to ask a man. What women talk about men’s style is generally baseless and crap, which you can get by reading any fashion magazine. They are only worried about themselves. What they think you should wear is not based on a solid logic and knowledge.

13. You can ignore the fashion world: Fashion shows, celebrities and magazines are the worst places to look for style and outfit examples. Regular working men can’t wear that kind of trendy outfits in their daily life. You can follow them if you like to experiment with your style, but don’t forget the basics. Dress like yourself, not like celebrities.

14. You can be badly dressed, but never be overdressed: Some guys think “Oh, I don’t want to look like I am showing off…” Screw that. There is nothing wrong being the best dressed man in the room. But remember, it also doesn’t mean trying too hard and wearing too many accessories at the same time.

15. Plan your clothes, a night before: At night, we have time to think and decide what to wear the next day. Whereas, in the morning, we may not have enough time to coordinate the outfit. Doing so is simple and saves time.

16. Wear athletic clothing only when working out: Gym clothes and running shoes are only for the gym. Own enough clothing for an entire week.

17. Timeless style impossible: Style changes from time to time. Dressing style has changed from a hundred years ago to now and will be something else hundred years from now. Don’t stick with a particular style, it needs to be improved and changed over time.

“Abandon the set-it-and-forget-it attitude and embrace that your style is something you’ll always be changing and updating. It will never be a neutral, so you might as well have your appearance be a positive.” – Tanner Guzy

18. Be well dressed, at all times: Dress nicely every time you are out, even when going out to a grocery store. No exceptions. If someone you know showed up and you’re like “Well, I don’t dress like that usually…”. Don’t be that guy.

19. Buy confident clothes: Wear clothes that you are comfortable with, that make you feel good. Something that gets you excited to wear, that fits your personality and body and makes who you are.

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Fitting to Style

fitting to style

20. Wear well-fitted clothes, at all costs: Fitting is very important. Don’t wear clothes after getting them off the rack, like a damn raincoat. A well-fitted outfit is made and tailored only for your body shape. Stylish men wear clothes so elegantly, like they were exclusively made for them. It can make you look instantly more respectable and someone who knows his style.

21. Fitted doesn’t mean tight: A fitted outfit is designed to compliment your body shape, which means you are not wearing the extra fabric. It also makes you look taller and more muscular.

22. Get one size bigger if it’s too small: Don’t get something that is just a little tight or smaller. You will look like a sausage. Sizing up is a good idea.

23. Don’t wear too large: That will make you look short and baggy. Discontinue the ones don’t fit you properly or visiting a tailor is a good idea.

baggy vs fit man clothes

24. Try slim fit or smaller size: Slim fit clothes are designed for muscular and slim people. Remember, slim fit is not tight, it means tapered. Also, there is nothing wrong with trying one size smaller. Size back up if that’s too tight.

25. Get your old clothes fitted: Take your big and baggy clothes with extra fabric to the tailor. You will love it when your old clothes that you liked will become better fitted to your body.

Shirt Style Tips

shirt style tips

26. Get the fit right: First, look at the shoulders and make sure you get it right because it is harder to adjust. Then look at the chest area where you should have a little bit of room of about one and a half to two inches. Bigger men require more room and smaller require less. Finally, make sure that the torso is right with about two inches of room.

27. Get the core colors: Fill your wardrobe with the basic and most versatile colors like white, black, sky blue, navy blue. Then you can add little variations like cuffs, collar, and color texture to your new shirts.

28. Play with cuffs and buttons: There are different types of cuffs like two button cuffs and French cuffs other than single button cuffs. Button color can also make a difference. Light colored buttons on a dark shirt will look much different than on a light colored shirt.

29. Get at least one white button-up shirt: It is the most versatile of all shirts and almost matches with anything, in any situation. It is fresh and clean, looks incredible on every guy.

white fit shirt man

30. Get at least one tee shirt & a V-neck shirt: There is nothing more casual than a great tee shirt or a plain V neck. They are plain, basic, sexy and looks great on everybody. You can pair and layer them, and look dynamite.

white tee shirt fit man

31. V-neck shirt looks better: Crew neck tee shirts are great, but V-neck shirts look more masculine and builds up your chest.

32. Wear a casual collared or work shirt: These awesome shirts can be worn casually while hanging out, with everything from dress pants to jeans, under a jacket and can be paired with a wide variety. They come in solid colors, denim and in different patterns.

casual shirts men style

33. Wear a Henley: It is one of the most perfect long sleeve shirts. It is tight in the chest and shoulders and fitted through the body without being too tight. You can also push up your sleeve to look more stylish and muscular. Make sure to unbutton one or two buttons. Sometimes, they are also available in half sleeves.

henley shirt men

34. Wear a polo shirt: It is a must have for business casual. Look out for the ones that are made of soft fabric and stays longer. Get a solid colored, nicely fitting shirt and you can wear it tucked in or out, with jeans, shorts, chinos and dress pants.

polo shirt

35. Wear a sweater: Whether V neck or crew neck, they all look great on everyone. They work with chinos, jeans and dress pants. Layering and pairing is also sweet with sweaters. You can even rock them under a cool suit.

v neck sweater men

36. Wear the right tee shirt sleeve length: Make sure that the sleeves are neither too long nor too short, when it’s a half sleeve shirt. Let your triceps expose. It will look like you are trying too hard when they are super high.

37. Avoid shirts with big, bold logos/graphics: Those quotes and huge graphics are a big no. Not even brand logos. Leave those shirts for kids.

graphic design tee shirts men

38. Always wear dress shirts tucked: They are too long to be worn untucked. If you still want to wear it, get it tailored.

39. Casual collared, work or Oxford shirts are worn untucked: They meant to be worn untucked because of their design. They are shorter in length and comes in style cuts.

40. Shirts when partially tucked looks good: When you are going to wear a tee shirt, Henley or a sweater, and want to show off your bad-ass belt, you can do a partial tuck. First, tuck it fully in your pant, then pick one side and let it fall loose, like it happened by mistake.

partial tuck shirt men

41. Wear a sweatshirt: Whether they are zip-up hoodies or otherwise, they are awesome and casual, but there is no dressing up. Wear them fit, not too baggy. While buying, try a smaller size and also look for the one that has some detailing on it.

42. Wear a tank top: Some men don’t feel comfortable wearing them. But, it’s totally up to personal preference. If you do, always wear the ones that fits you well. Not too loose and no nipple peeking. Wear solid colors and untucked.

43. You can’t dress up a tank top: You just can’t. There is no such thing as a “dress tank top”. That’s why, they are not meant to be worn on a regular basis.

44. Avoid a crew neck under a dress shirt: That show off of your crew neck shirt does not look good. V-neck and deep V-neck are better alternatives.

45. Fold your sleeves: Practice to roll up your sleeves in different ways. It is stylish when done properly. Here are a few ways:

46. Button-down collars are not professional: A professional suit matches with professional collar, which is not a button-down collar. A shirt with no collar buttons is professional.

Trouser Style Tips

trouser style tips

47. Have at least one black pant: It is the most versatile, stylish pant and matches with almost every color.

48. Have at least one dark washed jeans: There is nothing more rugged and irresistibly sexy than an amazing pair of jeans. Wear the well-fitted plain jeans and also try the slim fit.

black pant blue jeans mens

49. Have at least one chino: It is made of cotton, incredibly versatile, can be worn both casually and professionally. You can wear them in most of the occasions. They usually come in earth tones and work great with fashion sneakers, monk straps and even flip flops.

50. Wear cargo pants: They are casual, stylish and comfortable to wear. Make sure to wear the slim fit ones because the non-slim fit ones looks too big and baggy. Slim fit cargo pants are like chinos and you can pair them with tee shirts, Henleys and jackets.

51. All khaki pants were not created equal: Khaki pants are great, but they all come in different sizes and fits. Make sure you find one that fits you properly.

52. Wear shorts: They are fun, cool and awesome for summers. They come in lightweight, stretchable fabric that makes them comfortable to wear. You can wear them with tee shirts, Henleys, polo shirts and jackets.

shorts men's style

53. Avoid jeans with chains & stuff: A lot of detailing and extra design is not stylish. Plain, solid colored jeans work the best.

54. Wear the right pant length: The bottom of the pant should just touch the upper shoe. If the pant length is more, it will fold. If you If you can see your socks while walking, they are short.

pant length men comparision

55. Don’t wash your jeans too often: Washing them tears the fabric a little every time and fades away the color. To keep them fresh, freeze them for half an hour (or keep in refrigerator) and you are good to go.

56. Fold your pants from the bottom: For some reason, it’s in trends. You can show off cool socks, or no socks at all. Don’t do it on a regular basis.

pants rise

57. Get the rise right: Rise is the distance from the middle of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband. Pay more attention to it while buying a pant because it can’t be easily altered, where pant length is easier. Make sure there is not much of bagging and also it’s not too less (nobody wants to see your junk).

Jacket Style Tips

jacket style tips

58. Wear a leather jacket: Nothing gets more manly than a great leather jacket. It makes you look stronger, confident and stylish. Have one in your wardrobe because it is stylish, versatile and evergreen for years to come. Buy a perfectly-fitted classic leather jacket and avoid trendy ones as it is going to stay longer for years. Remember, lighter the leather weight, higher the quality.

leather jacket men

59. Wear a sports coat: It is great if you are looking for something dressy and still stay casual. They are versatile, stylish and awesome. From dress shirts to V neck shirts and jeans to dress pants, they can be worn with a wide variety of clothes. Sometimes suit jackets can also be worn as a sports coat, but make sure that it is not too dressy or made of shiny fabric.

sports coat white shirt black pant man

60. Wear an outdoor wear jacket: They are lightweight jackets that are stylish and you can wear them outdoors in winters.

61. Wear a Peacoat: It is one of the coolest things that you can wear in winters. They are versatile and works with jeans, chinos and dress pants. Make sure it is well-fitted and you can always try a shorter size.

pea coat men

Suit Style Tips

suit style tips

62. Single versus double-breasted suit: While purchasing, you are more likely to find the single-breasted ones than double-breasted because they are more expensive and more fabric is required to make them. Double-breasted suits are now a bit more old school, but they still look great and different when worn.

63. Two or three button jacket: These are the most common ones, but single-button and four-button is also sometimes seen. Two-button jackets are usually recommended, then a three-button. However, three-button is a bit more formal and two-button is also a bit more casual.

64. Notch, peak, or shawl lapels: Notch lapel is the most common than others. Peak lapel is more formal (usually seen on a double-breasted jacket). Shawl lapel is also formal and the least popular.

65. Get a charcoal gray and a navy blue suit: If you are clueless about which color to buy, get these colors. They are evergreen, stylish and incredibly versatile. You can never go wrong with these.

how to be sexy man that attracts women

66. Try a shorter size when buying: There is nothing wrong with trying a smaller one. You might find a better fitted jacket that looks dynamite on you. Always check that the sleeve length and other lengths are right, or else, you can always get the larger one altered to your body shape.

67. Focus on the shoulder: Shoulders are of two types – soft and structured. Structured are more formal. The shoulder of the suit is hard to tailor after you buy it. While purchasing, make sure it fits you right. If it looks a little bit too structured, ask for a softer one. After that, you can focus on everything else.

68. Four sleeve buttons are the most common: Sometimes you will find three or five. A more designer suit is the one with kissing/overlapping buttons.

69. Double-vent is the best one: It is also the most expensive one than single vent or ventless. Ventless jackets look more fitted. Single-vent is the least expensive to make, but it exposes the back when you put your hands in the pocket. Whereas, there is no such problem with the double-vent suit and it gives the nicest look.

70. Half-inch of cuff should be shown: Half to quarter inch is the sweet spot. Avoid hiding your cuff completely and also too much showing.

shirt cuff sleeve suit

71. No need to dry clean after every wear: Too much of dry clean will weaken the fabric quality. Only dry clean when required, means when it’s stinky or you spilled something on it. Otherwise, your suit is cool.

72. Avoid using the outside jacket pocket of the suit: Too much use will destroy your pocket neatness. Don’t use it to keep your jacket tidy and in line.

73. Never button the bottom button of your suit jacket: Only the first one should be buttoned up. The bottom one is just for show.

74. When there are three buttons: Follow this style – First: Sometimes; Second: Always; Third: Never.

75. Unbutton your jacket when you sit down: To maintain suit health and your manners in place.

Shoe Style Tips

shoe style tips

76. Invest in quality shoes: The first thing that people (especially women) notice is your shoes. They talk a lot about you. They indicate your status and wealth. Having a great pair of shoes is a must. You need to have great dress shoes, fashion sneakers, sports shoes and boots in your wardrobe. Get the best quality you can afford.

77. Closed lacing versus open lacing: Open-laced shoes have the quarters sewn on the top of the vamp, and closed-laced shoes have the vamp sewn on top of the quarters. Open-laced shoe works for many occasions, but the closed-laced shoe is more formal.

78. Squared toe versus curved toe: Squared toe is what men used to wear about 200 years from now. Then the curved toe started to shift in. For the most men, curved toe is a better option because they fit better on the foot. In the squared toe shoe, the toe box in general is larger, which is good for men with wider feet.

79. Have at least two pairs of dress shoes: Start with Oxfords and Bluchers where Bluchers are more casual than Oxfords. They both have a classic, simple and have an elegant look. You can wear them with suits, jeans, slacks or chinos. A more shiny dress shoe should be worn with suits and dress wear. A shoe with matte finish can be worn with a variety from super dressy to casual. Get a black shoe and a brown shoe as well because nobody wants to wear the same color every day.

80. Have at least one pair of fashion sneakers: They are comfortable, cool and stylish for casual situations. They are sweet when you want to be a little dressy and sporty at the same time. You can dress them with jeans, chinos, cargo pants and they even work with a suit.

fashion sneakers men

81. Wear dress boots: They come in a wide variety and have a different place than dress shoes. They are necessarily not professional boots, but you can wear them when you are going out.

82. Wear chukkas: They are more casual in general. You can dress them up with jeans, suits, slacks and business casual. You can wear them in the summer or while hanging out with your friends.

83. Wear chelsea boots: They are one of the most versatile boots that a guy can own. They are clean and work great with jeans and chinos. They come in casual and dressy styles, so can be sometimes pulled off with a suit. Look out for the ones that don’t have much detail and are simple in design.

chelsea boots men

84. Wear slip-ons: Monk Strap shoes and loafers are the popular options. They are versatile, simple, casual, comfortable and come in a wide variety. From single to double strap and casual to dress, monks are available in various styles. They work great with jeans, shorts, chinos and a suit.

monk strap shoes men85. Sandals are for kids: You can still wear them if you like, at your own risk.

86. Clean your dirty shoes: You must clean them if you don’t want to look nasty, sloppy and messy. Regularly polish your leather shoes.

87. Go sock-less: It is fun to get creative and should be done casually.

Tie Style Tips

tie style tips

88. Look at the tie material: Almost all of the ties, that are available in the markets, are made out of silk. It is a luxury fabric, which comes in different qualities. A durable tie with a bit of elasticity and high tensile strength is what you should look for. As the tie gets tied hundreds of times, it should get back to its original shape. Other materials include wool, polyester and satin.

89. Do not iron or wash your tie: A silk tie loses its strength when it is put in water and it can permanently change its shape when exposed to too much heat.

90. Notice the little details about the tie: Apart from the quality of material, the stitching methods used to make the tie also matters. High quality ties have wool/cotton in the inner lining, the slip stitch loose, a bar tack on the back, two keepers (one keeper is fine if it’s well-stitched) and a Bias cut (at a 45 degree angle).

91. Have a solid black tie: It is a must have tie, versatile and looks great on every body. It is sexy and stylish forever.

92. Don’t wear a tie & pocket square that came together as a set: They are meant to be coordinated, not matched. Some people ruin it by exactly matching the same pattern and the same color, like they were made from a single piece of fabric. Don’t do that.

93. Wear a bow-tie: It looks special, stylish and people notice it. I’m sure you will always get compliments on that. Many people don’t even know how to tie a bow-tie. Here’s how:

94. Learn to tie a Windsor knot: It is a go-to option when you are going to dress up. Go for a Windsor when the tie is not a skinny one and make sure to wear it with a wide spread collar. Other great options are Nicky and Four in Hand knot.

windsor knot tie

95. The dimple is essential when wearing a silk tie: A dimple takes the style game to another level when done properly. Here’s how:

96. Avoid the Eldredge & Trinity: They take a ton of time and at the end of the day, becomes a reason for someone’s laughter. Instead, go for Four in Hand, Nicky or Windsor knots.

97. Knit ties look best with Four in Hand knot: Windor knot would be a little bulky, that’s why.

98. Match your lapel & tie: Make sure they match each other in terms of size and fabric. A good practice is to match the width of both. If the width of the lapel is 3 inches, then wear a tie that is about 3 inches wide.

99. Match your tie knot to your collar size: That means the Windsor knot will work with a wide spread collar and Nicky or Four in Hand knot with a straight point collar.

100. Funny ties aren’t funny: Throwing them is probably a good idea 🙂

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Color Coordination Tips

color coordination tips

101. Wear safe colors: If you are confused between which colors to get and wear, get the safest colors, i.e., white, black, light blue and gray. You can never go wrong with these colors. They look great on everyone and you can pair them with almost anything.

102. Contrast your colors right: Wear colors according to your body color tone. If your skin and hair color contrast each other, then wear pieces of clothes that also contrast in color. For example, light skin and black hair (high contrast) works great with a black pant and a white shirt. On the other side, light skin and light hair (low contrast) pairs great with gray and white. Men with low contrast level should wear light colors and avoid dark colors.

Here’s a great illustration of dressing according to skin tones by Effortless Gent:

dress your skin tone

103. Match your patterns right: You can wear up to 3 patterns in a single outfit as long as all of them contrast to each other. Means, they should be different in pattern size and density. For example, the thickness of pinstripes and the space between them should be different in the shirt, tie and suit.

104. Buy a new pattern every time: Avoid repeating patterns that you already have in your wardrobe, so there is no problem matching them. Remember, don’t replace the basics. You can replace the items in your core wardrobe with better quality and looks better.

105. Wear colors that compliments your body size: Bright colors make you appear larger and the darker ones are slimmer. Wear light colors on the lower body and dark colors on the upper if your upper body is larger and lower skinny; and vice versa.

106. Wear black & brown together: They look great.

107. Wear denim jackets with jeans: You can wear them together, but remember, they should contrast.

108. Match your shoes & belt: They should match each other in terms of color, leather, texture and shine. Like they are made from the same material.

109. Match socks with pants: If you are confused about matching socks with pants, just match similar colors. Blue pants with blue socks, brown with brown, etc. If you are wearing dress shoes, match with dress socks.

110. Avoid white socks with dress pants: Why do you even buy white socks? Instead, go with dark colored socks, they look much better.

111. Avoid formal pants/jeans with running shoes: Well, that’s simply ridiculous.

112. Never match a black sport coat with a black pant: It doesn’t work.

113. Brown shoes look better with navy blue: That is awesome.

Accessories Style Tips

accessories style tips

114. A wrist watch is a must: A wrist watch is possibly the best accessory you can wear. The best part? There is no need to spend a ton of money on watches. After all, they do the same job. Not just to tell you time, also to level up your style.

115. Glasses/shades are cool: Glasses work for both function and style. They are good for your eyes and makes you look more attractive. Find out the best glasses for your face shape.

116. Avoid colored contacts: Just take ’em off.

117. Wear a tie bar: This little detail often stands you out from the other men in the room. So, why not rock them?

118. Wear a pocket square: It can turn a good outfit to a great outfit. It is simple, subtle and classic. A white pocket square is something that every man must own. Remember that there is no wrong way to fold a pocket square (people over the internet are so crazy with the amount of folds).

119. Wear a scarf: It is a great way to add another dimension to your outfit and also to stay warm. Some of you might not wear them for the sake of fashion, but it’s a great option to look up to.

scarf shades man

120. Wear a baseball hat: Everybody needs a cool one because it’s casual and stylish.

121. Carry a pen: This accessory is essential because when people notice you having a pen, you are perceived as a responsible and confident man.

122. Carry a wallet: Not an essential accessory, but people does notice, when taken out.

123. Wear jewelry: Like chains, necklace, earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. They are all cool.

accessories mens

124. Don’t throw everything inside your wallet: The sole purpose is to carry cash, not your whole darn inventory. It destroys your look of pants. Only credit cards are okay. That means no receipts, coupons, tickets, keys, visiting cards and even protection stuff.

125. Carry a man bag: To carry all of the stuff above carry a man bag. It is not a backpack, not even a briefcase. It is a small size bag used to carry your daily essentials. Not laptop, files and stuff. But, other stuff like mobile phone, headphones, keys, wallet, charger, etc.

man bag style

126. Wear a cologne/perfume/deodorant: It pleases your mood and the people around you. So, why not wear it? Apply a little and instantly feel more confident.

man applying cologne

126. Avoid zany socks (for professional people): Avoid socks with clowns on them. They are not professional. A dark solid color is a better option.

127. Wear rings – one per hand: But, you can still wear more than one if you’re interested. Lil Wayne does that, I guess.

128. Sunglasses are meant to be worn outside only: They must be removed upon entering a building.

129. Avoid linen: They get wrinkled too fast. Handling them is a mess.

130. Don’t use first & last holes of a belt: You should only be using rest of them to appear clean and tidy.

131. Avoid tactical phone holsters: Ah, they look ridiculous. Instead, carry a man bag.

132. Use an iron for wrinkled clothes: It’s a great invention. Use it.

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