7 Clothing hacks to look taller

Do You Know These 7 Clothing Hacks To Look Taller Instantly?

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Be honest with me:

Ever thought – your life could have been much easier & better if you were taller?

Whether it’s about relationships, job, or even social status, for not succeeding…

You blame your height.


Here’s the deal…

Vertically challenged people have a desire to be taller, which is not possible.

The good news is that there are some clothing hacks that you can do to look taller and make you feel more confident about yourself.

The best part?

These clothing tips work for both short men and women, even if you are too short or too tall.

Let’s make you look taller.

0 – First things first – Your Body Posture

Some basic and important stuff:

Standing and sitting straight is the initial key to add the illusion of length and height.

look tallerWhy is this important?

People with good posture generally have…

  • Stronger bones
  • Stronger muscles
  • Better functioning of the nervous system

Without good posture, your overall health and total efficiency are compromised.

Another “basic and important”:

Manage your body weight because slimmer guys and girls tend to look taller. Do some exercise and stop eating crappy junk food!

“What you eat is what you become.”

With that said, let’s dive in.

1 – Optimize Your Colors to Look Taller

Patters – big, NO!

First off, if you’re looking to elongate your physique then you should stay away from patterns and specially big, bold and robust patterns.horizontal stripes shirtIf you still want to wear lines and patterns, then wear only vertical lines which are lightly shaded (not too bold) and smaller.

Dark Colors

Go dark with your selection.

Dark colors are slimming and also lengthening which are going to make you look taller and slimmer.

jimmy fallon dark suitWearing a pop of color (think: a bright yellow top) on your best features and a dark neutral on the problem areas, you’ll look best, says stylist Jeni Paolella Luciani.

Dress Mono-chromatically


Wearing different colors divides a person’s body into separate segments.


Wearing the same color, or tones that are within the same range, creates one solid line for an observer’s eye to pick up.dark outfitHaving your body divided into fewer segments creates the illusion of height.

Not Always Black

Wearing black completely might sometimes shrink you down and make you appear smaller.

Instead, go for another color, the colors like charcoal gray, dark blue, brown, etc.

black outfit2 – Optimize Hair to Look Taller

Give your hair a little height.

If you slick it over and make it real tight to the sides, you will look shorter.hair style look tallerKeep the sides of your hair neatly trimmed, but leave plenty of hair on top.

The extra volume on top, when matched to the decreased volume on the side, adds inches to your overall height. This trick works especially well if you use gel to create a spiky style.

#3 Optimize Shirts/Tops to Look Taller

Shirt / Top Size

Wear a shirt that is short enough.

Meaning, if it comes past the midpoint of your crotch, the shirt is too long.

This makes your lower body look squat.

On the other side:

Shorter shirts expose more of your leg, creating the illusion of both leg length and overall height.

This rule goes for all button ups, tees, sweaters / jumpers.

shirt size comparisionThe left one looks too long and baggy whereas right one is the right length of a shirt.

Wear V-necks

A deep V-neck elongates the neck and give the illusion of length.

v neck womanOpt for V-neck shirts, tops, tees and sweaters to help you look taller, but don’t go crazy deep!v neck manSkip Short-sleeves

Short people most probably have short limbs. Short-sleeve shirts exposes the short limbs creating an overall visual of shortness and smallness.

short sleeve manInstead of that…

Wear Long-sleeved shirt and cuff

Long-sleeved shirts and tops help appear longer your overall appearance.folded cuffIs that too hot out there?

You can always cuff ’em up!

Important: Wearing well-fitted clothes are most critical in your overall appearance. Don’t wear baggy clothes because they always suck!

4 – Optimize Pants / Lowers to Look Taller

Avoid this:

Big, baggy pants!

There are three areas of a pant that you should consider:

  • Crotch
  • Width of the pant
  • Pant length

If your crotch is too long (too much extra fabric), it’s going to make your legs look shorter.

If your pants are wide, it’s going to make your legs look shorter.

If your pants are too long, it’s going to make your legs look shorter.

Am I clear?

Good. 🙂

pants and shoes pants and shoes cuffedAt the bottom, there should not be a bunch of fabric and also avoid cuffing your pants from the bottom.

Try wearing trousers at your waist, rather than on your hips.

For women:

Shorten your skirt’s hemline that stops at the knee or above.

Showing more legs makes your legs look longer, which maximizes the illusion of height.happy dress skirtAlso wear high-waisted bottoms. By having a waistline that rests above your hips, you help your legs look longer, helping you to look taller. For this reason, you should also avoid low-rise pants that may only make your legs look shorter.

Keeping your pants the same color as your shoes will also make it more difficult for the eye to distinguish where the leg ends and the foot begins, making your leg look longer as a result.

#5 – Optimizing your Shoes to Look Taller

With the idea of creating a visual streamline from the neck, down to the toe, you need a shoe that’s going to help you elongate the visual.

Big and bulky shoes are going to make you look shorter.shoesYou need a shoe with an elongated toe box with a gradual taper in the shoe.


Try a dress shoe with a moderate heel which can give you an extra inch.

You can also consider wearing heel inserts inside your shoes which adds height.high heelsWearing high heels for women is a pretty much old method in looking taller instantly.

Showing more skin on your foot by wearing open-toed shoes or sandals is a simple way to extend the appearance of your height.


#6 – Suits and Jackets

When buying a suit, consider these factors…

  • Match the color of trouser and top
  • Cut close to body to show chest larger than waist.
  • Show cuffs (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch)
  • Small trouser rises to make legs look longer

… which makes you look longer.

So, invest in tailoring because tailoring can seriously transform an “okay, okay outfit” to a “great outfit”.suit manA 2 or 3-button single breasted suit in medium color shades, lapels’ not too wide and a center back vent is suggested. Back side vents are also acceptable.

Jacket length is also crucial. Jackets with more length that cover your butt can nicely make you look like you have short legs.

As a result, short!

Wear well-fitting jackets with length up to your waist.

#7 – Using “The Icing Technique” to Look Taller

Use this little trick to make you look taller, more attractive and build more confidence.

I easy and actionable.

Let’s break it down step-by-step…

Step 1:

Wear a well-fitted outfit that you like.

Step 2:

Find an accessory that relates to your outfit. Something like:

  • Glasses/Sunglasses
  • Hats/Caps
  • Wrist Watch
  • Cuff Links
  • Pocket Square
  • Earrings
  • Or anything that adds detail to your outfit

Step 3:

Wear that accessory.

That’s it!

So, how can you use this technique to look taller?

Just by using it smartly.

Let’s talk about some of the icings:


Accessorize yourself by using hats and caps that help you give extra height to make you appear longer.

hat guyGlasses

A perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses can also make your face appear longer.

taylor swift diamond shapeBags

Avoid over-sized bulky shoulder bags and fanny bags that cause you to  look wider at the waist and hip.

small bag purseAlternatives (right) like small clutches  and tiny shoulder bags with  narrow straps are better.


Skinnier ties can help you look taller drawing the eye up and down.

skinny tieAvoid Vests and Belts

Vests and belts can make you look shorter by drawing attention to the middle section of your body, and away from the overall long lines of your frame.vestIf you really want to wear one, stick with one that’s the same color or pattern as the rest of your outfit.

Pro Tip: Dudes with a perfect facial hair makes them appear more attractive and elongates the visual appearance.

Here’s What To Do Next:


Two things:

First, understand there’s nothing with you.

If you’re well-dressed and confident enough for your height, you will command respect, no matter how short or tall you may be.

You are amazing just the way you are. 🙂

Second, tell me which one you’re going to try right now, in the comments section below.

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