How to Master Your Power: 41 Maxims for Men

The maxims are designed to educate men about finding the importance, meaning, and purpose of their lives, including how they must deal with several facets of their lives and ultimately become a man of power.

These maxims are short and easy-to-read; they express a general rule or a rule of conduct that every man must be educated with. They are all directed to you, to realize the reality of life and destroy the delusions of cultural myths and lies.

The obviousness of these maxims is based on your experience (or lack thereof). Some may seem obvious, others, not so. If not, re-read a few more times to better consider its meaning.

Some of them were obtained from various sources and some are learned lessons of life. As the topic of mastering your power is far wider, these maxims do not cover the topic entirely. But, enough to change one’s life, when followed. Any corrections and/or more maxims will be added in the next update.

Maxim #1

“Working on a vision that benefits himself and those in need, is the ultimate goal of a man’s life. At some point in his life, he finds and works on it, until he dies. He must find it, if haven’t yet. Until then, think of a way that benefits people and re-do it.”

Maxim #2

“Think about failures more than you fantasize about success/results. Fantasizing seems fun to humans, but it is the biggest distraction, which avoids the reality/truth of life and consequently, kills time. Fantasies are to be used for nothing other than pure enjoyment, but avoided as soon as they begin to sustain your self-worth and importance in the world.”

Maxim #3

“Time is the most valuable commodity. Always use it for something worthy. Neither waste yours, nor others. Wasting others’ time devalues your self-worth, as soon as they realize it.”

Maxim #4

“Become an outstanding calculator. Plan your way to the end, find all possible obstacles, consequences and twists that might reverse your hard work. Thoroughly plan your steps and wait for the right time. Always seem patient as if you know that everything will come to you eventually. Otherwise, a man in a hurry is more likely to lose to a more-planned person.”

Maxim #5

“Free time and comfort is the biggest enemy of success. Each and every second of your twenty-four hours must be used for a worthy reason. The moment your struggle turns into comfort, your dreams will never become reality.”

Maxim #6

“Repetition is the key to learning, knowledge, skill and finesse. Master your skills, and own them. An outstanding skill set is worked hard and practiced, not obtained. Polish your knowledge and skills forever, even if you become the greatest.”

Maxim #7

“Don’t assume shit. Common sense is not that common. Humans are emotionally paralyzed, partially or fully. Nobody will do anything for you unless their benefit is involved.”

Maxim #8

“Never argue with women. It is pointless. You will never win. The foundation of a woman’s logic is entirely based on her emotions, which are highly volatile. Hence, a logical woman is unusual. Arguing without logic will end with hurting her emotions, no matter what your situation is.”

Maxim #9

“Avoid to give responsibilities to women that require leadership qualities. Leadership is not a female trait. Yet, they are excellent caretakers.”

Maxim #10

“A man must dominate women. Women are loyal to men of power, not the men themselves. A real woman wishes to submit herself to a more dominant man.”

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