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More Than Handsome: How to Build an Impressive Personality

Being good looking isn’t everything.

There are many things that are more important, which is what I cover in this 37-page eBook.

I talk about things that can enhance your attractiveness, make you an excellent conversationalist, and a charismatic man.

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easique why she don't want you book

Why She Don’t Want You: 3 Logical Reasons

She may like you, but don’t want you. Ever wondered why?

This 7-page eBook shows you three logical reasons for getting rejection from women and what you can do about it.

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easique how to master your power book

How to Master Your Power: Maxims for Men

The 41 maxims are designed to educate men about finding the importance, meaning and purpose of their lives, including how they must deal with several facets of their lives and ultimately become a man of power.

Read ten of them here.

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What Should I Talk About, Anyway? – A guide to keep the conversation going

This 14-page eBook is your answer to that question when you are in the middle of a conversation and don’t know what to say next.

With the help of examples, this will help you find interesting things to ask.

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a refresh to leadership qualities easique ebook

A Refresh to Leadership Qualities

To be an effective and strong leader, you must persist some qualities. See what 44 successful entrepreneurs and leaders have to say about those qualities in a summarized form.

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