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Become a Man of Power.

A man of power is of high value today, just like our ancestors, kings and rulers were honored. He gets respect, women and recognition among others. I will show you how to become one, destroy your culture obsessed delusions, realize the truth, evolve your lifestyle and build a solid frame, using my actionable guides and advice.

The question is not “if”, but “when”.

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How to Master Your Power: 41 Maxims For Men

These short and easy-to-read maxims, that express a general rule or a rule of conduct, will help you master various aspects of life and become a man of power.

They are designed to help you realize the reality of life and destroy the delusions of cultural myths and lies. Follow them, become more powerful; ignore them, continue with your life as usual.

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Articles for men. About lifestyle. By a man.

The articles, focused on a man’s lifestyle, talk about relationships, style, confidence, health and masculine mindset. Using real life experiences and researches, the topics are actionable, written in detail and a friendly tone to help understand better.

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